My 2016 in a post

It is never too late for a 2016 sum up entry because I think it is an important year which I should remember . Maybe because it is my senior year in high school, or maybe because it is a year full of pain and torture ? like , who knows kan what had happened along the year.

  So i am seriously feeling grateful for the great year I've been passed thru. Thru thick and thin the storm hit me fuh .


 First of all, 2016 is my spm year which I sit for a big examination in my life (i think so) . So that day by day were all packed with books and stuffs like that . I have been struggling to achieve my best of result in every exam thru the year. So praise Him I made it . oh , Theres one situation where I was once hit to the ground which I scratch my Hall Of Pride when my position in the ranking list of the batch was going down (macam kena tarik dgn graviti) , compared to the previous ranking , the gap is almost 20+ . jatuh bedebok ore klate said , am i rite? this one happened when im in form four I guess.

 Sebabnya ,,,,  I am feeling so proud of myself like "alah , takyah belajar takpe. I can score all of this subjects easily-lah!" . So that was how my ego went. So , sepanjang midexam tu memang I tak study langsung and bermain main masa prep . Kalau dah sombong dengan ilmu , memang Allah tunjuk depan depan bro. Takde berkat belajar.

quote this: 'Kalau dah sombong dengan ilmu , memang Allah tunjuk depan depan bro. Takde berkat belajar. ' - Asmafiqah 2017

That was one thing I've learned thru the year, selepas dapat pengajaran macam tu lah. Lepas tu , memang aku struggle study betul betul , cuma kalau malas sikit sikit tu biasalah kan huhu .


  So , I conclude that this year is a heartwarming year where I saw my friends are being so nice to each other like we can get going together! I have no words to explain this feeling tapi I am so grateful to have such 58 close friends . Theres a lot we have been through together , as example the night war with our new warden. Kesian ustazah warden kena berhadapan dengan perangai kurang matang kami ni. Dengan macam macam lagi masalah pasal asrama , pasal juniors , all the cases we've been involved, all the programmes , all the camps , all the competition , all the pain we've been holding together dan most important , all the sweets moments we have created together. Especially lepas gabung dorm . I missed everything ; sarapan pagi , nyanyian sumbang semua orang , berebut tandas , main berambak , stay up together wether berbual kosong mahupun study , fashion show and everything.

  It will not be the same when we enter university , to meet the same friends macam batch tifoae dan ardihash ; perangai macam masuk air , tak matured , bising , annoying cam harom , clingy af dan semuanya . Kalau nak describe pasal korang ni aku perlu buat post lain duh \lol\.

So , thank you guys <3 i love you .


This is one of my best achievement along the year. I think i should jot it down here . I've been holding the 1st Degree Blackbelt in taekwondo for about 5 years . Last grading was when I'm in year 6 . I could continue next grading because of not enough training (actually because I'm so lazy) , kalau ikutkan i can take the grading masa form three lagi tapi postpone due to some issues and reasons.

  Im so envious of my few partners yang boleh grading awal , dengan grandmaster . So there come my time , I passed this grading successfully . Im so sorry I can't update the story about it. I think it is enough only to mention c:

  I think the only reason I have to write this is because im such a forgetful person. 

With that , I end up my post here , thank you for reading . What's yours?


  1. i open my laptop just to drop my comment after viewing thru my smartphone. mind if i copy your tittle to share my 2016 in a post too?

    1. sure 👌 inform me ur latest post please 😆

    2. maybe lepas budak budak xde kat rumah. i'll inform u


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