I am afraid of the dark!

 Hey guys ! Its Day 2 Of 10 Day Challenge so here I am ,

Nine things about myself

1. I have such an impressing high confidence . like , more to muka tak malu. If you found me being shy , there must be a reason behind it winkwink

2. I am afraid of the dark . You know why ? It is because I feel like I can see many invisible shadow in my mind (ghost) . Lol I dont but I feel like he he So Thats why I hate darkness . Ops does that means I am afraid of ghost!?

3. I am seriously hate leeches , pacat , cacing , ulat bulu , ulat daun , and every single binatang yang takde tulang belakang . But i love nature a lot huhu 

4. I choose to walk alone rather than walk in group . maybe duo is better .

5. I love to stare at people so lama like you can feel you explore that person really deep inside them .  Then i feel like describing them inner and outer side. Few ppl told me this padahal aku tak perasan pula benda ni. 

6. I love sports so much and feels like trying all of them walaupun tak reti.

7. I am a person yang selalu termenung . I dont know if I am thinking or what but , i just ,, termenung , you know?

8. I am an easy going person like if you deal with me , we will went along together because i am a person with the motto 'never say no before u try'

9. I have a good eyesight (i dont wear spectacles)

I am really sorry for the late update because my wifi isn't working these few days and I have a packed schedule with my training , teaching class and so on . I hope everything is going so fine . I wish you a happy life *flying kiss*