If you have sparkling eyes ,,, ;)

So hey guys! Its Day 3 of 10 Days Challenge so here it is

Eight ways to win my heart

1. Someone with a good looking face in my eyes , of course because we tend to get used with the word 'judge the book by its cover' , kan ?. Theres a lot of handsome guy i've met but i just dont fell for the look. you got me?

2. Let's go have some walk and talk about anything. 

3. Play sport  (any sport)

4. Make a sparkling eyes because i love them so much !

5. Make your hairstyle like kpop hahahaha wtf

6. Bring me try delicious food.

7. tall ?


Hahahahhahah this topic gave me a goosebump-lah ! Maybe because i am really not into being a girl to win the heart for .. ?