I just found out about free templates!

I have been using simple template as a blogger starter few years ago , then move to blogskins and now I am back to simple template but specifically washed denim template . But I am so shocked to find out that there were also free templates for simple template \lol\ I just found out that I am so outdated to this .

   Before this , I am used to the blogskins codes because it was all based on coding . Everything on your blog is managed and arranged through the codes . That was pretty troublesome because you have to understand the codes and where to put your widget and stuffs.

  That was few years back then , but this site changed my views about this world >.< . I am so mad , why did I only know about this now? I've been blogwalking these few days and figure out other blogger manage to create such an impressive template \im jealous\ . I thought that I have to buy domain first then buy a new template for the blog . In fact , there's also free template for trial!

  Therefore, the tutorial was very easy and effectively works out and I am suprised and glad to own this template on my blog. I am sorry , I'm so excited . Well said that this template is really neat and simple . It makes the whole content arranged well and easy to explore so I hope I could manage to improve my writing skills and work on this site for my self-benefit.


  1. yea . mind teaching me ? huhahuha. i'm damn lazy to explore myself.

    1. go through this site (http://www.themexpose.com/) and explore your favourite theme! goodluck ! :)


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