This is how my life went together with these smileys

10 Day Challenge : Day 9

Two smileys that describe my life right now :

1. :"D

I like this smiley and i use it a lot because it can mean like 'oh okay' or maybe 'wtf' or'stfu' but based on who and how i use it with words . Life is getting harder day by day because we keep cares on simple thing and being down from expectations more than the fact . Head up dear and keep moving forward *flying kiss

2. T.T

Okay I know this is not a smiley but idc . This smiley shows that i cry sometimes so that means i have emotions and feelings too lol why do i cares ?

My laptop have no version of emojis so i am making it with some words available of this keyboard and i hope people could understand it . so can you?