Aku tengok korang pun dah bahagia . Who?

10 Days Challenge : Day 6

Five people who mean a lot

1. My friends , i put them at front because i spent my time with them more than my family . Walaupun aku bukan sesiapa penting untuk mereka , aku tetap rasa mereka penting untuk aku sebab tengok diorang pun dah rasa bahagia . that's it. I love you guys so much .

2. My Abah , he is my motivation , support anything that i do in many ways . he didn't say , he show by agreeing . 

3. My mom, she gave birth to me but i'm not that close to her . for some reasons

4. My coach , i learn a lot from him . when i say a lot , it is termasuk luar dari taekwondo . More to living my life.

5. My siblings , tanpa mereka , sunyi lah hidup saya di rumah dan di mana mana :D

Sebenarnya people around me mean a lot to me , in so many ways and thanks to whoever yang pernah hadir dalam hidup aku , I appreciate u guys so much muah