Interview Yayasan Tenaga Nasional for Uniten

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So hi !

Sebenarnya I've been keeping this post since last April since I've been attending this interview for the scholarship. \0/

So the story began , I wasn't really expecting for the interview because I've never heard about ytn before and I've never heard about computer science ever ! :D

At first , my parents ask me to go with them but I think that it is not a big deal for a little cute kampung girl to travel alone from Kelantan to Kuala Lumpur , ryte? lol . Actually it is that I wanted to experience the journey by myself so that I wouldnt trouble them just for me. 

So that night , I took a bus to Kajang , so from there , my aunty who lives nearby pick me up and Ive been staying at her house for a night and the next morning she sent me to CSIT , Uniten for the interview. 

The next morning , I came to csit a little bit earlier and I was quite rushing . For real , I didnt do any preparation for the interview . As I reached there , I go straight to the mentioned level and I was one of early birds there , ouh girl bird hahahahahhaha okey . 

Masa tu there was a few round table outside the room and I was waiting there . It was quite nervous because not many people was there . And at that time , someone came out from the room and have an informal chats with us . It was really calming , sigh , so that we didnt feel too nervous . 

Then the man earlier ask us to bring all the documents inside the room according to the section so when I walked in , it was a computer lab so after I gave my documents , we are all asked to sit in front of a computer . 

We were shortly brief about the scholar and about the ytn as well , it is just a short talk , as i remembered. (seriously i did not even take serious on it ) . So after that we took a simple personality test and career test on the computer . As we finish the online test , we were asked to go to upper level for the face-to-face interview . THIS WAS THE NERVOUS PART I SWEAR. coz I've never been interviewed before this.

We waited in a room ( I guess it is a class actually) before we were called for the interview . As I sneaked into the room I was quite shocked because it is 3 to 1 interview lol  :D Im not ready for this .

When it is my part to get in the room , I was REALLY REALLY blank ! I couldnt even feel my own feet. So bila dah duduk atas kerusi kat depan interviewer tu baru sedar "Oh I'm in an interview ,, calm down".

And the first question came out is "Tell us about you and your family background and why you choose the course" .

All I can think is about my school coz ,, i dont know >.< 

So I told them about me and my background first then I stopped .. coz I WAS BLANK ! then she (the interviewer) ask once again and baru lah I can continue my words .

The answer to the question why I choose the computer science is because of the blogger programming which Ive been involving since primary school . thats it . and MOST AWKWARD thing is THEY ASKED FOR MY BLOG !!!! I was about to cry because I know my blog's condition is not that awesome to be shown to elder  hahhaha. but yes , i gave my link.

They all look through my blog and all i can do is just smile and hope to get out from the room quickly .

They laugh but not that loud laugh , because of my immature words in the 'about chul'. and they were like "what is chulalalau?" ,, and theres me "It was a fun nickname to create and stick to it" . And I was asked about the relationship between the quran and my study schedule . So I answered about the brain and the akhlak so on i forgot but i guess the statement wasnt that strong because IM NOT READY FOR IT !! 

then thats all about the interview . I walked out with a heavy sigh knowing I wouldnt passed the scholarship but then ,,


so for references , here is my only picture at csit after the interview . I look quite happy yeah? of course Ive been through a shameful experience before *laugh cries emoji*

yes i wore pink for the first time :)


  1. perform ahhh. terbaik. mind visit ma blog ?

  2. wow. mg bagi link dkt diorang hahahaha. same goes to me last year, ad interview via phone utk chilly padi academy, they ask for my blog bcos i mentioned blogging as my hobby. dehell when i remember the contents of my blog, and the rilakkuma blogskin. deheck ahh

    1. It was like a death ticket in real life to let ppl know our blog ryte coz only we know what's in it but yeah we successful did it. I was quite frustrated about the chilli padi interview last year bcz im dying for it but i didnt get the opportunity . lucky you 😄


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