First Beauty Box Giveaway by Us with Love ❤

October 03, 2017


I've been looking around giveaway with skincare presents and promise me it's really hard to find one and they are the only members of blogger who held a giveaway with such present so big applause to u guys for understanding women's care . You  could stand a chance of winning a beauty box worth RM 250 :') hope u guys live in bless i swear it's the best giveaway.

Since we are aware with increases of ages , skin are getting expose to more sunray , uv ray , dirt and so on so it is a necessary for us ;women n also men to take care of the skin. There u go ;--

follow these few simple steps; im done all

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oh btw This giveaway starts now, 20 September 2017 until 20 October 2017

and let's explore what has been at stake ; gg

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  1. good luck sis...dari GA yang sama :)

  2. hai awak.
    blogwalking sini.
    semoga murah rezeki awak ^_^

  3. Good luck Sis. Semoga murah rezeki ya. Done follow blog kak. hihi. :D


hope to hear from you!

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