2017 had been great!


My apology for not updating the blog im such in a confusion and lost somewhere else. First of all! Happy New Year everyone! :D

omg im so excited to be in 2018 . I swear 2017 gave me so much things n I learnt more since number of my age is increasing ahahaha. Im gonna be 19 this year uyo.

So what had happened through the year of 2017? let's do a wrap up.


Currently doing part time coach assistant teaching primary schools , do nothing at home and officially mereput alhamdulilllah i do well at eat and watch dramas :)


I've been active in referring .
Being one of the MRSM umpire at mrsm tumpat , i really love this championship . The management is tip top and all of the high commitee is ssoo friendly (Y)


It's the result month and thanks Allah for the 8A's that now I am glad to be in uniten . I'd experience being part with my close friends in my high school and now I can see with whom I only keep in touch now and to whom I only text 'i miss you'  lol but that doesnt mean i dont text others it's just ive been less replying text now .

Ive also join the smastec event as umpire and i dont participate as participant, it's just being a referee for experiences . I would like to thank my coach for this

Yaass this is one of most important thing in 2017 ; I passed my jpj test at first trial haha . Believe it or not I took almost december 2016-March 2017 to finish my test . I swear it was a reaaaaallllyy long time . Alhamdulillah at last I dont have to go to kelas memandu anymore bapak boring wey


For sure , I've been busy with university application , sitting in front of the laptop searching for universities and courses and also the scholarship. Mana yang eligible tu semua isi , and also for upu too. Ive been searching for courses that suits me. Well masa ni masih blur mana arah tuju nak pergi lepas spm. alhamdulillah sekarang follow the flow. inshaAllah lancar .


This month keluar semua result upu n ipg and I am very frustrated dengan result upu coz tak dapat pilihan pertama but still in the course i want. Im glad to. But afterall , i got the scholarship from ytn in uniten and alhamdulillah i agreed to sign the contract. My parents pun tak fikir banyak dah and terus agreed. Few weeks later , terus gerak pergi kajang for the orientation week . And yeah , hello uniten !


I've join the High Kicks game as referee again . wow this one is soooo satisfying coz i met my juniors taekwondo back in high school. I should do more referee-ing rite? im talented enough :)


Semester 1 had been great and it's time for the final examination this month. Im pretty sure i dont study much but alhamdulillah for 4.0 result :D

In this month also i join the putrajaya taekwondo challenge game and won one gold , one silver , and one bronze. I forgot pattern here that i lost to my fren kalau tak dapat emas dah duhhh. memang tak puas hati betul game ni . Oh n i took muet too.


It was like totally different to last happy month . this is a sorrow month of the year. lol
act it was a hectic month i am mentally tortured of myself , couldnt think straight , being moodswing like three days continuosly because of a crazy deed. anyhow , i manage to survive well done myself


This is the best closure for 2017 , I joined the asia open championship at Melaka n won two gold and two silver . And one of the gold is from the sparring category i am so proud! With my coach , teammates n friends support , i feel loved n cared <3 thank you so much for those involved directly n indirectly in my achievement .


So those were a simple wrap of for the whole year. Walking into 2016 , I dont do much of goals or list to achieve . I can only think about going thru n survived only n yeah i did it! But since getting older wasn't that easy , setting a goal or a better plan is a must. I just realized being survived is not only passed thru the year in a good condition , i have the thought of being better and moving forward. I dont mentioned in a bigger way, maybe few improvement in communication , behaviour , attitude , achievement n such things.

it's weird why i love typing in blogsite n not on whatsapp coz i am really a lazy ass of replying texts .

What I realize in 2017;Money is really important ; to wisely use
No one ever like an ignorant dead ass
Closed circle is such a bless that I should appreciate
Time wont be there for us
Ko pemalas nak study takyah berangan nak 4.0
Cant ask people to stay in my life
I should love myself more
I cant be pretty for everyone , i would look pretty on those right eyes only. fk insecurity in me.

What to improve in 2018;More happiness
Communication skill
Much appreciation in friendship
More self love
Clear skin
Less boros
Makan sihat
Explore more
Act like a real 'ayu' girl ((i tried , payah weh))
Bigger circle of people .
Be more grateful with what I have
Tryna be concern to surrounding since one said im quite lost ;A;

more pictures will be update soon :D

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