Coming up fresh!

August 01, 2019

what a fresh look of the page! I've been in silence for so long I swear. To be honest, every week I open up this page and few other random blog to read updates and just slightly appreciating other's templates. I am amazed and jealous. No idea comes up on my mind for me to write. Every time I start writing, I'll stop halfway and end up not finishing them. I could say there's a lot of draft in my post lists but they stay in draft and never been continued.

This afternoon I am taking some times in my classes gap to put a nice header and clean up some widgets in this page to make it simple, nice and fresh. I'm starting from beginning guys! Looking up for more content and valuable blog pictures, I have to admit my photo editing sucks. However this time I'm announcing my determination to keep on writing for the next weeks. I will begin with at least 4 posts per month equivalent to a post per week.

How's thing going?
Well I am now in my second year, Bachelor of Computer Science in a private university in Selangor. Doing well with normal daily student life. Surviving each day, each time not to be depressed while fighting with financial problem, friends issues, undone assignments, love story and everything. To conclude, I am in a good condition.

To be clear, I have so many thoughts and things to be written but I'll make myself organized and you will see more posts well arranged coming up! So that's it.

I'll looking forward for more content and valuable writing. Adios :)

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hope to hear from you!